Catriona MacEachen

Fine art

Holroyd Gallery, Ballachulish (ongoing)

(Commencing Sat. 26th November)

(Fri. 25th August - Mon. 25th September)

Exhibitions 2017

  • Grierson Gallery, Sevenoaks, Kent

("London Exhibition"  -  Tues. 21st February - Wed. 8th March)

​- PV - Thurs. 23rd Feb.

("On the Wall"  -  Sat. 15th July - Sat. 26th August)

  • Aldeburgh Contemporary Arts  

(Commencing November)

(Sat. 10th June - Sun. 2nd July)

  • ​​​​Number Four Gallery, St Abbs 

(Sat. 12th November - March '17)

Current and Future Exhibitions

("Scottish Art Exhibition"  -  Sat. 14th October - Sun. 19th November)


(Summer Exhibition  -  Sun. 16th July - Sat. 19th August)

- PV - Sat. 15th July from 4 - 6pm.

  • Inchmore Gallery, Inverness

(Winter Exhibition  -  Sat. 26th October - April '17)

("Summer Colours"  -  Sat. 1st July - Sun. 17th September)

  • The Atholl Gallery, Dunkeld

(Spring Exhibition  -  Sat. 11th March - Mon. 8th May)

  • The Quay Gallery, Aberdour

(Commencing Sat. 27th May)

  • Gallery Q, Dundee

("Fresh Outlooks"  -  Sat. 8th April - Sat. 13th May)