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Fife Free Press Article, March 24th '16

Evening Light, North Berwick - 30ins x 40ins

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The weekend of 24th April 2015 marked the very first Glasgow Contemporary Art Fair, and Catriona was delighted to be asked to create a painting for this event.

She was specially commissioned by the Herald in conjunction with Glasgow Contemporary Art Fair and Enid Hutt Gallery to produce a painting to be awarded as a competition prize. Catriona presented the painting which was of a twilight view of Glasgow University and worth £1000 to the lucky winner Mr. David Graham at the Friday preview evening.

Mr. Graham from Cumbernauld said, “I’m delighted to have won Catriona’s wonderful painting of Glasgow University.  My wife and I met there, so it’s always been a special place for us...  It was great to meet Catriona in person at the Glasgow Contemporary Art Fair and get the chance to tell her how much I love the painting.”

Catriona with the stonemason, George Sweeney and the sign-maker, Stef Hayward.

Fife Free Press Article, May 7th '15

The Herald Article, April 25th '15


This annual key fundraising event on behalf of The Prince's Trust Scotland took place on Friday 2nd September at Prestonfield House in Edinburgh.

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Bringing together many of Scotland's most glamorous and stylish ladies, known affectionately as 'Old Bags', this event was so named in order to address the unnecessary labelling of young people who can so easily and unfairly be assigned to categories they do not fit, and to raise funds for the many programmes The Prince's Trust runs to help young people get into education, get a job or start a business.

2016 marked the 40th Anniversary of The Prince's Trust and Catriona was delighted to participate in this exciting event by donating a specially created painting (which was of a twilight view from North Berwick). This "dramatically atmospheric" painting was auctioned on the day at the event.

In 2012 Catriona was commissioned to create pictorial maps of the Old Kirk Churchyard in Kirkcaldy. The maps are now mounted there on a specially erected stone and a large steel lectern.

“It was an unusual project which meant spending a lot of time hanging around the cemetery painting gravestones!... But it was absolutely fascinating and a real journey of discovery. I had no idea what an interesting place it is – and right here in the centre of our town.”

The Old Kirk is the oldest site of Christianity in the town. The earliest record is of its Consecration in 1244 and it is steeped in history. Adam Smith was christened there and the graveyard contains many of the notable traders and businessmen of the town.
The influence of the sea, of Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations and the growth of industries such as linen, pottery and linoleum are all reflected in the stones.

Catriona at the Herald photo shoot with Kevin Hutt and David Graham.

"University at Dusk, Glasgow"